Museum of Nebraska Art with Audrey Kauders

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Audrey Kauders
Audrey Kauders, Director of MONA in Kearney, Nebraska. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer

Dubbed MONA, the Museum of Nebraska Art is located in the repurposed, neoclassical Kearney, Nebraska Post Office. Built in 1911, the building is pure elegance with an abundant use of marble and wrought iron accents. In addition to legendary artists such as, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Hart Benton, and John James Audubon (who deftly captured the atmosphere of the prairie), the museum also features contemporary Nebraska artists, from realism to pure abstract. And of course, a common and timeless subject is the ethereal, spacious landscapes and the  vast sky of the Great Plains. Join Audrey Kauders, the Director of MONA in downtown Kearney, Nebraska. Audrey shares more than her passion for Nebraska art and artists, she also talks about a primary mission of hers, and that’s ensuring the museum’s relevance, and especially its accessibility, and engaging programs crafted not only for students but for all of the residents of Kearney, and the entire region.


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MONA in Downtown Kearney, Nebraska
MONA- Museum of Nebraska Art is located in a re-purposed Circa-1911 Post Office building in downtown Kearney, Nebraska. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer