A Doctor’s Guide to Alternative Medicine

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A Doctor's Guide to Alternative Medicine
A Doctor’s Guide to Alternative Medicine

Dr. Mel Borins started his path as a western trained physician within the bounds of accepted mainstream practice. But, not long after graduating from medical school, his life took a dramatic turn while traveling through India. He subsequently became a passionate advocate of alternative medicine, from homeopathy to chiropractic, acupuncture, laughter as medicine, hypnosis, to herbal modalities and more.

Mel Borins
Dr. Mel Borins

Today, Dr. Borins is a family practitioner in Canada. He’s on the faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and on staff at St. Joseph’s Health Center. For the past two decades Dr. Borins has lectured about alternative medicine across North America and around the world, and he’s has spent more than two decades training physicians in complimentary and alternative medicine. Dr. Borins is the author of An Apple A Day—A holistic Primer, Go Away Just for the Health of It, and his latest book, A Doctor’s Guide to Alternative Medicine What Works—What Doesn’t, and Why, with a foreword by the esteemed Dr. Bernie Siegel. Come along and join me for a fascinating conversation with Dr. Mel Borins.

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