Winemaker Eric Hickey Photography Tom Wilmer

      Located south of Arroyo Grande, the reincarnation of the French-style sparkling wine house Maison Deutz, Laeticia increased its production of pinot noir from 60 acres to 420 acre. The winery’s ten to 30 year old vines make for fully expressive Pinots. There’s also a bright acidity and a wonderful spiciness that winemaker Eric Hickey concurs is slightly mysterious and hard to pin down but none-the-less tantalizing. Laeticia’s rocky soils are an important factor in creating their fine offerings such as the excellent 2007 Les Galets Single Vineyard Pinot Noir ($60) with dark plumb and cassis aromas, hints of cinnamon and extraordinary depths of flavors.

Photography Tom Wilmer

Laeticia Vineyard & Winery   453 Laeticia Vineyard Dr.

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420             

Listen to audio podcast interview with winemaker Eric Hickey from NPR affiliate KCBX host, Tom Wilmer’s Audiolog travel show: