Heartland Shooting Range Grand Island Nebraska

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Kinley Tuten
Kinley Tuten tries her luck at Skeet at Heartland Public Shooting Range Grand Island, Nebraska. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer

Like it or not, Hunting and hunters, rifles, shotguns, pistols, and bows and arrows have been an integral part of the American fabric since the first settlers came ashore at Plymouth Rock. The culture of the shooting sports, and hunting, remains firmly imbedded in the cultural fabric of the American Heartland. There’s a dramatic difference between the urban dweller in Miami, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona who struts their stuff by packing a pistol whenever they head out to grab a bite to eat at the local McDonald’s than the folks I know in Nebraska who love to hunt, and even those who don’t hunt but simply love to engage in shooting at targets as a competitive sport.

I spent some time at the Heartland Public Shooting Park, located on the outskirts of Grand Island, Nebraska to learn a bit more about America’s gun culture. And it was a real eye opener. Tim O’Connor, a shooting sport coach at the local Catholic High school, shared his passion for the sport, and most importantly he shared touching examples of just how the competitive shooting sports teach his students critical life lessons, to not only challenge themselves to achieve more, but to work as a team. And by the way, firearms safety is never ending.

 I’m Tom Wilmer, come along and me at the Heartland Public Shooting Park, located on the outskirts of Grand Island, Nebraska for a visit with Tim O’Connor at the Sporting Clays Range. We’ll then visit with Todd McCoy, and the range safety officer at the rifle range.

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