University of Michigan’s Museums of Natural History & Archeology

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Museum of Natural History
UM Museum of Natural History at Ann Arbor. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer

The Museum of Natural History at the University of Michigan. Located on the Ann Arbor campus is the go to place to check out Michigan’s largest collection of Dinosaurs, along with engaging insights in to the region’s wildlife, geology, anthropology and much more.

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Join Amy Harris, the Director, as she talks about how the museum experience has evolved over the years to become engaging, transparent and interactive, with a concerted mission to engage the community at large. We’ll then stop in at the University’s Kelsey Museum of Archeology for a conversation with professor, T.G. Wilfong, the curator of Greco-Roman Egyptian artifacts. A primary mission at the Kelsey is to serve both undergrads and graduates, while simultaneously providing the public with incredible displays, ancient art works, and an Egyptian mummy, along with his coffin. In addition to magical amulets, glass vessels, Roman sculptures, and Greek pottery, a not to be missed highlight of the Kelsey is an entire room swathed in a floor-to-ceiling painting of life in an ancient Pompeian villa.

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Kelsey Museum Archeology, Ann Arbor
Kelsey Museum of Archeology, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer