San Francisco Heritage restores classic Haas-Lilienthal 1886 Victorian

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Haas-Lilienthal Victorian Circa-1887
Haas-Lilienthal Victorian Circa-1887

San Francisco Heritage was founded in 1971 with a mandate to save a dozen Victorian homes slated for demolition.

Today the non-profit is San Francisco’s leading advocacy and educational organization dedicated to architectural and cultural preservation. Correspondent,

Tom Wilmer visits with Mike Buhler, Executive Director of SF Heritage as he shares the ongoing restoration of the Haas-Lilienthal House built in 1886–San Francisco’s premier Victorian Landmark.


IMG_4945A8 (daylight, retouched)

Haas-Lilienthal second parlor Photo Credit Jody Stuart
Haas-Lilienthal second parlor Photo Credit Jody Stuart


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