Discover North Platte Nebraska

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Buffalo Bill's home in North Platte Nebraska Photo Credit Tom Wilmer
Buffalo Bill’s home in North Platte Nebraska
Photo Credit Tom Wilmer

Exploring the Heartland of America—North Platte Nebraska

Travel Correspondent, Tom Wilmer reports from the Heartland of America, where he explores cool things to do and see in North Platte, Nebraska. In my opinion, the heartland of America is Nebraska and the heart of the heartland is the town of North Platte. Visits include Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park with Superintendent Jason Tonsfelt. David Fudge, NEBRSAKAland Days’ Executive Director shares a taste of the annual event that includes live music big-stage performances, and the legendary Buffalo Bill Rodeo, proclaimed as America’s oldest rodeo. Fort Cody Trading Post in North Platte, is the state’s largest souvenir store, and it’s one of America’s last fee-standing, family-owned roadside attractions. Fort Cody owner, Chuck Henline, reminisces about his multi-generation family business where a one-headed calf, play tomahawks and kitschy gifts are popular items with the kids. 

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Buffalo Bill's Scouts Rest Ranch barn Photo Tom Wilmer
Buffalo Bill’s “Scouts Rest Ranch” 
Photo Tom Wilmer