San Diego Whale Watching with Naturalist Guides

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San Diego Whale Watch with Hornblower
Whale watching with Hornblower Cruises & Events in San Diego. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer


When we cast off from the dock in downtown San Diego, bound for a whale watching adventure off the coast, I had no idea that meeting and visiting with the onboard naturalists would be just as fascinating as watching the whales.

The engaging volunteers, working under the auspices of the San Diego Natural History Museum, made the four hour whale watching cruise a fascinating, educational adventure, in addition to the visual and auditory experience of watching behemoth whales breach the surface and flash their flukes.

Join Correspondent, Tom Wilmer aboard the M.V. Adventure Hornblower off the coast of San Diego where we not only encounter numerous whales, but fleets of darting dolphins and an array of seafaring birds.

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Naturalist Guide Leslie Rapp aboard M.V. Adventure Hornblower
Naturalist Guide Leslie Rapp shares whales tails with Tom Wilmer. Photo Credit: Molly Blaisdell


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whale watching aboard Hornblower Cruises San Diego
Mesmerized whale watchers onboard Adventure Hornblower vessel. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer


Dolphins off bow of M.V. Adventure Hornblower
Diving Dolphins skim close to Adventure Hornblower whale watch boat. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer
M.V. Adventure Hornblower whale fluke
Whale fluke off bow of M.V. Adventure Hornblower Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer