Hot Springs Arkansas—Long Ago Mobster Hangout & Original Baseball Spring Training Destination

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Hot Springs Arkansas vista
Vista from mountaintop at hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer


The town of Hot Springs, Arkansas is also a National Park, and by geographic area it’s America’s smallest National Park.

Correspondent, Tom Wilmer, visits with Arrison, CEO of Visit Hot Springs for a discovery of the diversity of attractions in and around town, from hiking in the National Park, to golfing, betting on the horses at Oaklawn Race Track, with some of America’s largest purses, and the home of world-class horses, including last year’s triple-crown winner.

Arrison also talks about the town’s historic connection with America’s favorite pastime—baseball’s first spring training sessions first started here back in 1886, and continued through the mid-1940s.

There’s another fascinating historic dimension to Hot Springs—it was one of America’s top gambling destinations long before the rise of Vegas, attracting Al Capone and other infamous gangsters from around the country who loved to hang out in Hot Springs.

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Bathhouse Row Hot Springs ARK
View along Bathhouse Row downtown Hot Springs Arkansas. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer
downtown Hot Springs Arkansas
“Down on Main” in Hot Springs Arkansas. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer
Buckstaff Baths Hot Springs Arkansas
One of the classic Bathhouses in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer