A Bad Horse Day at Angel Fire and a visit to Chaco Canyon in Northern New Mexico

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Peter Guttman -center

Listen to the NPR.ORG Podcast Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer Check out this episode!  featuring Award-Winning New York City photographer, Peter Guttman who never thought he’d put his life at risk when he set out on a casual sunrise trail ride at Angel Fire http://www.rtours.com/ in Northern New Mexico. But when a swarm of bees stung his horse, pandemonium struck and riders were flung from their steeds and things went downhill from there. Join Guttman and fellow rider, former Marine Sergeant Rick Presley as they recall their nightmare on horseback moments after returning to camp.Road Runner trail rides Guttman was recently honored with a Lifetime  Achievement Award from the New York Travel Writers Society, and will soon be awarded a “Power of the Image Award” as one of “20 of the world’s finest photographers http://www.poweroftheimage.com . Guttman also produced the number one best-selling iPad travel app Beautiful PlanetHD, which NBC News called one of "eight  outstanding educational apps  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beautiful-planet-hd-for-ipad/id363660568?.%C2%A0   Check out Guttman’s appearance at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, NY www.eastmanhouse.org/events/detail.php?title=wywh_guttman                                                www.peterguttman.com

archeologist Larry Baker photo credit: Tom Wilmer
Archeologist Larry Baker Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer
Chaco Canyon1
Chaco Canyon Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer
bird crop2
Chaco Canyon cliffs   Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer

Then it’s off to Chaco Canyon National Historical Park in Northern New Mexico near Farmington. www.nps.gov/chcu for a walking tour with archeologist Larry Baker who talks about the once thriving community of as many as 20,000 residents.  Occupied from around 800AD to the 1,200s when environmental changes led the residents to abandon their community and migrate to healthier environments.  Chacotours.com        Salmonruins.com