How Eastern Tennessee Moonshiners helped distill NASCAR

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 Tim Nichols’s family has been making Appalachian moonshine for more than six generations. Join Tim at Appalachian Heritage Distillery in Bristol, Tennessee for the inside story–and discover how the former NASCAR race driver morphed in to a legal distiller, making award-winning Vodka with his sons.

At Bristol Motor Speedway, General Manager Jerry Caldwell tells the story of how the competitive spirit of bootlegger delivery drivers eventually led to the creation of NASCAR in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1948.

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Vodka distiller in Bristol, Tennessee
Tim Nichols at Appalachian heritage Distillery in Bristol, Tennessee.                Photo Credit Tom Wilmer


traditional copper distiller at Appalachian Heritage Distillery.         Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer
Bristol Motor Speedway
Bristol Motor Speedway–with seating for 160,000 fans.                             Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer