Travel for the 21st Century…Stewardship Travel

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Morro Bay Estuary
Morro Bay Estuary

Host Tom Wilmer visits with special guest Diane Strachan, Stewardship Travel Specialist. Stewardship Travel, a new trend in tourism, is about meaningful travel where visitors enjoy “doing good and feeling good” when on vacation.  It is about contributing in a small way when you visit a region, not just being an “extractive tourist” but being a “pro-active visitor” who is invited back again and again.

NPR.ORG’s award-winning podcast host Tom Wilmer helps audiences understand the ins and outs of this new travel trend by interviewing California’s San Luis Obispo County Business Improvement District’s Stewardship Tourism Specialist and seasoned adventurer Diane Strachan, a leader in outdoor, adventure travel, and environmental education for the past 35 years.

Strachan, who has won the California Governor award for Environmental and Economic Leadership for one of her projects, says, “Stewardship Travel helps visitors make a difference on vacation. It’s about creating and having many opportunities to care, learn, engage deeper, and feel great when on vacation. Welcome to tourism for the 21st Century.”

Stewardship Travel is the next step in the evolution of eco-tourism in America.

There is a selection of over 70 activities for individuals and families along California’s Hwy. 1 Coastal Discovery Route throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Listen  to Diane and the Lowell Thomas Award Winning show Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer. Check out this episode!