Texas Hill Country’s Reveille Peak Ranch

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rprSituated in the countryside near Burnet, Texas Reveille Peak Ranch is reminiscent of a State Park but it’s a private ranch where the cows still roam, and there’s a mammoth lake with tent camp sites around the fringes. There are also some of the steepest vertical rock faces where mountain bikers come from across America to push their limits. Special events are hosted throughout the year at Reveille Peak Ranch, including the legendary Spartan Race (April 23-24), The Rogue Trail Series, (May 22), The Green Beret Team Challenge (June 4th), and more. The Ranch is also a prime destination for campers, RV’ers and Scout groups. Weekdays, owner and visionary, Vol Montgomery offers gratis use of his facility to the Armed Forces, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, and regional law enforcement agencies that use the property as a training facility. We stopped in at the ranch for a visit with Vol Montgomery. Come along and join us.

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Reveille Peak, Burnet County, Texas
Mountain top at Reveille Peak Ranch. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer