New Mexico’s Taos Pueblo, inhabited for 1,000 years

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Taos Pueblo Catholic Church
Taos Pueblo Catholic Church  Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer


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Situated a mile from the village of Taos, New Mexico, The Taos Pueblo is the only Native American community designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and a National Historic Landmark.

Main Pueblo complex at Taos Pueblo
Main Pueblo complex at Taos Pueblon    Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer

The Pueblo’s two multi-story residential complexes are likely the most photographed scenes in the entire American Southwest. Come along for a walkabout with Ms. Spruce, the Pueblo’s Tourism Director and her assistant.

Taos Pueblo residence with orno oven in foreground
Taos Pueblo residence with orno oven in foreground    Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer
Taos Pueblo residential courtyard
Taos Pueblo residential courtyard    Photo Credit; Tom Wilmer

Remains of ancient Catholic church


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