Mustering Cattle in Queensland’s Outback

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Skimming no more than a two feet above the water McGoo Little darts his tiny Robinson helicopter into a pocket of underbrush along the edge of the legendary, crocodile infested Mitchell River. He prods out a Brahman bull with the skid of his “heli” while simultaneously leaning out of the cockpit and firing rubber bullets at the rump of another recalcitrant bull — welcome to a typical day in Northern Queensland’s Outback.

Text and images by  Thomas Wilmer

Wrotham Park, Northern QueenslandIt took a while to comprehend just how big a 1.4 million-acre cattle station is…. actually I don’t think I will ever be able to properly comprehend just how big, big is in the Land of OZ. My second day on the Wrotham Park cattle station in Northern Queensland (350 km west of Cairns), I awoke groggily to what I first thought was the sound of a gargantuan mosquito buzzing above my head. As the gnat like drone intensified, I realized it was the sound of an approaching Robinson R-22 helicopter.