Museum of Pacific War & Marine Corps’ National Museum

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General Michael Haggee Dept. of Defense photo by USAF Staff Sgt. D. Myles Cullen (released)
Four Star General Michael Haggee 33rd Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
Dept. of Defense photo by USAF Staff Sgt. D. Myles Cullen (released)


Join correspondent, Tom Wilmer in Fredericksburg, Texas for a visit with the 33rd Commandant of the Marine Corps, Four Star General, Michael Haggee at the National Museum of the Pacific War which is also the home of the Admiral Nimitz Museum. We’ll then head over to Quantico, Virginia for a visit with Mike Miller, the Marine Corps’ archivist and historian at the National Museum of the Marine Corps and Heritage Center.

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Iwo Jima Memorial  Harlingen TX
Iwo Jima Memorial in Harlingen Texas. This is the original cast for the Memorial in Arlington VA. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer
Iwo Jima Memorial Harlingen, TX
Iwo Jima Memorial, Harlingen, Texas. Photo Credit: Tom Wilmer