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Julie Hemming trims the shrubs with her tank
Julie Hemming trims the shrubs with her tank

Ditch the Minivan for Something Bigger and Badder at Drive A Tank in Kasota Minnesota

Join correspondent Julie Henning in Kasota, Minnesota as she participates in an extreme adventure at Drive A Tank, a family-owned business that owns over two-dozen authentic military tanks and military vehicles from around the world. People come to Drive A Tank for the ultimate “testosterone” adventure: driving a tank, firing a machine gun, and (if you want to go all out) even crushing a car or a mobile home.

Julie barrels through a giant mud puddle in a de-militarized Abbot FV433, a British war tank that weighs 16 tons fully loaded and can fire 6-8 rounds of ammunition per minute up to 15 miles with or without a clear line of sight. Next up, she fires a fully automatic, authentic STEN machine gun that was used in combat during World War II—discovering what it’s like to feel your heart is about to pound its way out of your chest. The experience is interwoven with military history and some common misconceptions about tanks and other military warfare. While it’s becoming a popular Midwest attraction, Drive A Tank has drawn customers from across the United States and around the world and is a relatively short (1 hour and 15 minute) drive from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. Owner Tony Borglum shares how business has been quite literally booming since opening in 2007, including some of the newest additions to his fleet of over two dozen tanks and industrial equipment. From corporate “team building” outings to special occasions and visits by remaining World War II veterans, everyone takes something unique away from their experience.


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