Aurora, Nebraska’s Captivating Plainsman Museum

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150 years of life on Plains chronicled
Museums can be static attics—dusty archives of our history, or they can be amazingly engaging and dynamic places with interactive, hands-on experiences for kids and adults alike. When I think of really cool museums, I think of places like the Smithsonian and the Air & Space Museum, the Field in Chicago, or the Natural History Museum in LA. But I spend most of my time exploring American heartland towns and villages, rather than urban centers. And I suppose it’s my own mental bias, I just don’t expect to find incredible museums in small town America. I have been repeatedly blindsided by discovering truly world-class showcases of American life hunkered in little towns far removed from the nearest urban center. When I visited the rural farming community of Aurora, Nebraska, two hours west of Omaha on Interstate 80, it was a pleasant surprise to discover the Plainsman Museum that engagingly chronicles the region’s evolution over the past 150 years. Come along and join me for a visit with Museum Director, Megan Sharp. 

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