A visit with Micah Loma’omvaya Hopi Chief of Staff

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Micah Loma'omvaya Hopi Chief of Staff for the Tribal Chairman's Office


I was recently invited to be a presenter at the Native American Cultural Summit Conference, sponsored by the Santa Fe, New Mexico Based, Institute of American Indian Arts. While attending the three day event, hosted by the Hopi Tribe at the Upper Village of Moenkopi, Arizona, I had the pleasure and honor to visit and spend time with Hopi anthropologist Micah Loma’Omvaya , who’s also Chief of Staff for the Hopi Tribal Chairman’s Office.

Micah Loma'omvaya

Come along and join me for an illuminating conversation with Micah Loma’omvaya as he talks about visiting the land of the Hopi and specific issues relative to Cultural Tourism. Click on the media player to listen to my NPR.ORG “Journey of Discovery with Tom Wilmer” Podcast interview with Micah.

Miss Hopi 2012

Hopi child